The Commack Community association is analyzing the  bond issue spending from the 2001 bond and the 2019 Bond. Following  will be data from foils and open source data: the school  bond prospectus featured on the EMMA site.  Building aid is paid over many years after the project is completed and inspected..             

 Projects  as listed in the  bond prospectus  approved by the voters in June 2001  for $92,804,893      

 Hubbs Administration building : Roof and boiler $1,506,432    Hubbs Oil tank $161,844     Hubbs windows $931,547            Hubbs repaving 36,2958

Burr addition $7,638,983  Burr HVAC and Plumbing $663,079  Burr Traffic light $30,000    Burr roof $1,340 202   Burr Smartboards  $ 253,252 

Security Doors $ 28,528

High school addition  $ 26,511,824 and $1,176,249

High school auditorium   $1,315,940    High school field  $1,313,090 196,900    High school press box and bleachers $1,373,262

High School running track  $123,777               High School  smart boards $ 74,662    High school restrooms   $350,618   High school security/Doors 48,725+

MSIS Addition   $5,094,100    HVAC  plumbing  $688,200      Roof $1,130,9607  MSIS            Smart boards $ 239,081           Security Doors  $ 26,283

Middle school addition $ 25,532,287  Middle School oil tank $174,207   Middle school auditorium/ new lockers $1,640,705   Middle school bleachers $358,335

Middle school smartboards   $502,551       Middle School  Security Doors  $56,191

Wood Park addition  $4,002,026 and $ 816,685   Wood park Roof $ 400,000   WP Smart Boards  $120,402            Security Doors  17,907

Rolling Hills                    Security Doors $15,368                            RH  Smart Boards $98, 931

North ridge                     Security doors(17465+43434)                  NR   Smartboards $128,169

Indian Hollow                 Security Doors $16,784                            IH    Smartboards  $167,291                        

  CMS;CHS;Burr;SMIS   Solar panels     $469,460 plus     $477,726 plus   $461569 plus   $477,810 totalling  $1,886,565  

 Primary school play fields                  $12,201

Playground resurfacing                       $210,169

Unallocated  total of  funds included in this Bond project:   $1,289,000

Rented schools: Schools that offer Special Ed services  which include Commack students are eligible  for building aid!

:Sagtikos  rented to  Building Blocks Preschool                        Oil tank   $169,298      Parking Lot 34,895

Smith's Lane rented to UCP Children's Center                         Oil tank   $144,850      Parking  Lot $38,595

Old Farms rented  to Child care Council of Suffolk/Ohman School of Ballet /Suffolk Day Care Center                                                                 

                                                                                                  Oil tank $169,298        Parking  Lot $29,395

Cedar road rented to  Commack Pre K /Scope /The Jewish Academy/ Commack Special Corp          Oil tank  $144,850    Parking Lot $34,895

Long acres  rented to Kiddie Care Early Learning Center        Oil tank $144,850        Parking Lot  none