Please get vaccinated with a booster. The following data is from NY dept of Health


 Covid-19-- Total Fatality Data Worksheet  from the NYS Dept. of Health as reported- by all NY counties =  47869 as of 12/23  ; 42947 as of 06/23/21  


Omicron variant, vaccine effectiveness against cases began to decline again. In the most recent week, vaccine effectiveness was 75%. This means fully-vaccinated New Yorkers had about a 75% lower chance of becoming a COVID-19 case, compared to unvaccinated New Yorkers. There was 95.7% lower chance of being hospitalized with COVID-19, compared to unvaccinated New Yorkers. Breakthrough Data | Department of Health (

42869 of NY resident covid  19 deaths had a comorbidity  but the largest group of 25723 of patients had hypertension  

 6235 residents had dementia  ;  16187 of those New Yorkers who died were diagnosed with diabetes ; Hyperlipidemia was listed as a co- morbidity on 10394  NY death certificates     4566  Cancer patients were affected and died of covid 19 complications.         

 Updated Covid 19  Data as of  12/23/21      

 Ages 0-9 =   0 new deaths             17 total young deaths      

  Ages 10-19=   6 new deaths     new total of 22 as of 12/28/21 up from 16 total deaths from 11/12/2021


     Ages  20-29 =   22 new deaths     190 as of 12/28/21 up from 173 reported total on 11/12/21   

     Ages 30-39 =    45 new deaths    616 total deaths as of 12/24/21 up from  571 reported total on 11/12/21 


  Ages 40-49 :  66 new deaths       1469 total deaths up from 1403 reported total on 11/12/21  up from  1297 as of 09/07/21  

 Ages 50-59    179 new deaths        4132 total deaths  as of 12/23/21 up from 3953 total covid deaths as of 11/12/21  


  Ages 60-69=  382 new deaths           8732  total covid deaths as of 12/23/21 up from 8350 total covid -19 deaths on 11/14/2   Ages 70-79= 497 new  deaths          12365 total new covid deaths as of 12/23/21  increased from 11868 total covid deaths as of 11/12/2021   


 Ages 80-89 =   525 new deaths in this age group    12882 total covid deaths on 12/28 up from 12,357 total covid deaths as of 11/12/21                  

    Ages 90+ = 520 new deaths    7475 total covid deaths as of 12/23/21 up from 6955 as of11/14/2021                

 The 03/16 /20 issue of  the  New York TImes has a diagram of the virus' outer ring of oily lipid molecules, which is broken apart by soap.  In 2016 New Jersey federal district judge Kevin McNulty cited Compagnie Francaise, among other cases, in holding that existing case law on quarantines was sufficient to sustain state officials' defense of qualified immunity in a suit against them brought by Kaci Hickox, a nurse quarantined for 80 hours after she showed a fever upon her return to Newark International Airport from Sierra Leone, where she had been treating victims of the 2014 Ebola outbreak. Judge Mcnulty  wrote in his opinion; "I do not find that prior quarantine case law establishes any unconstitutionality" in how she was dealt with.