MCFarm Visit 7/15&23/2010 MCFarm Visit 7/15&23/2010 Horse Barn Rebuilt by Jarro Constructiion however the roof is being reconstructed in 2019 due to weather damage. 205791458 Located on Commack rd.Owned by the school district 92157347 The Red Barn with plastic over the windows because of broken glass . 92166735 Stone entrance to the farm on Commack road 92157348 The reconstruction of the red barn by Jarro Construction of East Meadow with a grant from NY Parks dept,using NYS .public bond funds. NY placed a covenant on the farm restricting a land sale or the bond money would have to be refunded.All covenants have recently expired. 205791459 Inside the red barn 92157366 A visitor assessing the condition 92157368 Painting of the old barn inside the house 92166751 the Carll house built in the 1860s This house was added to the national register of historic homes.This picutre was taken in 2011. 92157357 Marion Carll willed the farm to the district , a former teacher , school board member and member of the Commack Fire dept in the past. 205791461 Another barn 92157369 Carll family dish collection 92157384 The one room schoolhouse built by Wilson tech 92157354 schoolhouse built iby Wilson Tech students 92166753 Carpentry students did most of the work. 92166742 Modern bathroom in the one room schoolhouse 92166741 Carriage garage 92166748 Carriage stored in the carriage barn 92161411 92166755 The outhouse 92166749