This Farm workers bill creates new eligibility  for workers compensation and unemployment. Farm workers can now unionize.
June 2019  Signed by the Governor

The José Peralta Dreamers act was passed and later   funded with twenty seven million dollars for  NY  SUNY  college  TAP scholarships  for non naturalized young people brought to NY, by their parents. 
Signed by Governor  Cuomo Spring 2019

Town of Smithtown residential Repair Program assists seniors age 60 and older. While there is no charge for labor, participants pay for, or provide, all materials. Funding for this program is provided by the New York State Office for the Aging, the Suffolk County Office for the Aging and the Town of Smithtown.  Items that can be handled by this program are leaky faucets and running toilets:install locks and make adjustments on doors;install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors;install bathroom grab bars and indoor railings ;clean 1st floor gutters ;replace light fixtures and change hard-to-reach light bulbs .Laura Greif, Program Director for the Town of Smithtown, can be reached at (631) 360-7616. All requests are handled on a first come, first served basis with preference given to safety related jobs.

 The same program  is available for Commack  Huntington side  residents through their Township. The Huntington program includes  removing  air conditioners, installing shades and curtain rods, as well as help with  computers and DVD players. TO APPLY: CALL (631) 351-3253 Ext. 4002  . 

 A second   program exists which  assists seniors age 62 and older who own their home in the Township of Smithtown.. All labor and materials are provided at no charge.  Funding for this program is provided by a federal grant from Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Town of Smithtown. Projects include outdoor railings at entrances, single window and door replacement and concrete walkway section replacement. 
Large projects are competitively bid out to eligible contractors with the lowest bidder awarded the project. Projects are limited to those that can be completed for $2,000 or less.   For more information about our Senior Citizen Home Maintenance Program (SCHMP), please call (631) 360-7616.

The adverse possession law was amended around 2009 so as to resolve the issue of  boundary line trees, sheds, and fences  "The real property actions and proceeding law is amended by adding  a new section "543"  The existence of De-Minimus Non-structural encroachments including but not limited to  fences, hedges shrubbery, plantings, sheds and non structural walls shall be deemed to be permissive and non-adverse. The act of  lawn mowing or similar maintenance across the boundary line of an adjoining  landowners property shall be deemed permissive and non-adverse.  To sum up you cannot claim ownership (adverse possession )  of  a piece of a neighboring property because of  planting or maintenance oversights.
This bill was passed regarding  backyard cameras that invade a neighboring property's privacy.It gives the right to sue the offending neighbor.  Signed by the Governor August 17,2017

  Bill S750 2017-18 Session

Prohibits possession of e-cigarettes on school grounds

July 25, 2017  |  Signed by Governor