This Farm workers bill creates new eligibility  for workers compensation and unemployment. Farm workers can now unionize.
June 2019  Signed by the Governor

Revision of a 2008 section  of the agriculture and markets law.

§ 353-d. Confinement of companion animals in vehicles: extreme temperatures. 1. A person shall not confine a companion animal in a motor

vehicle in extreme heat or cold without proper ventilation or other protection from such extreme temperatures where such confinement places the companion animal in imminent danger of death or serious physical injury due to exposure to such extreme heat or cold.

2. Where the operator of such a vehicle cannot be promptly located, an
police officer or Firefighter directed to respond to a call for assistance for such animal may take necessary steps to remove the animal or animals from the vehicle.  Signed by the Governor  Summer 2019

The José Peralta Dreamers act was passed and later   funded with twenty seven million dollars for  NY  SUNY  college  TAP scholarships  for non naturalized young people brought to NY, by their parents. 
Signed by Governor  Cuomo Spring 2019

 Bill S750 2017-18 Session

Prohibits possession of e-cigarettes on school grounds

July 25, 2017  |  Signed by Governor 

The adverse possession law was amended around 2009 so as to resolve the issue of  boundary line trees, sheds, and fences  "The real property actions and proceeding law is amended by adding  a new section "543"  The existence of De-Minimus Non-structural encroachments including but not limited to  fences, hedges shrubbery, plantings, sheds and non structural walls shall be deemed to be permissive and non-adverse. The act of  lawn mowing or similar maintenance across the boundary line of an adjoining  landowners property shall be deemed permissive and non-adverse.  To sum up you cannot claim ownership (adverse possession )  of  a piece of a neighboring property because of  planting or maintenance oversights. 

This bill was passed regarding  backyard cameras that invade a neighboring property's privacy.It gives the right to sue the offending neighbor.  Signed by the Governor August 17,2017