Our guest speakers were Officer Lawler and Officer Logan from Huntington‘s second precinct command post.  They informed us that the second precinct has 18 new officers from the recent police academy classes to help offset the 40 retirements of older officers.

 The following news was offered:

  1. The policing of Huntington village’s downtown area will be aided by bicycle patrols.
  2.  A new category has been created for the schools called school resource officers. They will manage the school policing needs and prepare for active shooter scenarios.
  3.  The department trains for this scenario in empty schools on Sundays.
  4. The police department is now very cool ,using Twitter to provide updates to the community.
  5. The police cars allow one officer per car except in Brentwood and Wyandanch where two officers per car are assigned.
  6. The second precinct boundaries are the west side of Commack rd. and Townline rd . Everything to the east is the fourth precinct.
  7. We talked about stop sign enforcement.
  8. We talked about how fewer kids are wearing bicycle helmets lately. If cited the parents will get a ticket for this violation.