CCA welcomed  Lisa, from the  Suffolk County Dept of Health. located in Yaphank NY.  The  Suffolk County dept of Health is a very busy agency providing the following and more:

1.   Restaurant  food  safety classes and inspections for  the 6000 food service establishments in Suffolk County

2.  Radiation equipment   inspections for medical and dental offices

3.  Public health alerts 

4.  Animal control involving rabies

5.  Body art salons '(tattoos) compliance with strict safety standards .

6.  Inspections of children's camps  and campgrounds for cleanliness and safety compliance

7.  A  website for the public to check the last inspection report of the local restaurants.

 Supermarkets are regulated and inspected by the Dept of Agriculture and are not included in this database.

8..Health workshops

The restaurant division has 14 inspectors in the field. All visits by a restaurant inspector  are surprise visits, so they can see  how food is being handled in the kitchen. When they are onsite and find a critical violation it must be fixed before the inspector leaves the premises. Less serious violations can be corrected within a week or so and a re-inspection will occur. Report card grades are not issued in Suffolk County . In NYC, the inspectors send notices to the restaurant owners  advising them of an upcoming inspection, so the vendors have time to prepare for the visit. Thus the NYC grades are of limited value.

Suffolk County now  offers a food managers course because as of 2016,  one certified food manger must be employed where  food is served.  Courses are offered in Spanish, Chinese and English. Before a restaurant or  site serving food to the public opens for business ,they submit interior plans to the Dept of Health  for approval.  This way  any deficiencies in the kitchen can be corrected before they open. Food safety courses are different from the food managers course and  are recommended for everyone who works in food handling including 16 year olds who are working in the kitchen .

There are  5000 deaths in the United States from Food Borne illnesses.  In Suffolk County there were 170 reported food borne illnesses, last year. If you report a food borne illness, the inspector will ask b you for a 72 hour food history , as the sickness is not always caused by  the last  food you ate.