Commack Community Association

Achieving road repairs; walkable sidewalks;Partnering with the Seven Cents club to  clean Crooked Hill rd.  
 Working to convert the  school owned Marion Carll property on Commack rd. to a community center;
Keeping in touch  with local government officials .
COde red is an emergency telephone notification system for declared local emergencies.
To sign up : access the newly revamped Suffolk county website.

One  of the civic associations guest speakers,  spoke  about the value of   open land. As a courtesy, the town  of Smithtown provided us with a list of publicly owned  space on the Smithtown  side of Commack. If you have  driven past wooded areas and wondered  about  ownership you can review the list below:

Flynn Memorial Park features  20 acres of  baseball fields

Hoyt Farm is a 135 acre town park  with paved space for barbeques.  It features a nature preserve , small animal farm   and  a field for concerts .

Whitman Hollow Park contains 9 acres featuring  2 tennis courts; a basketball court; baseball field and playground  in the Commack flower section.

 Wichard Blvd  east ,north and south has  18 acres of open   preserve. 

Charter lane  and Valmont lane  each  features a 10 acre  playground

Half hollow road and Old Commack rd. have acreage that is  not  developed, but is  designated to be  a playground.

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