Our guest speaker, from the New York  Attorney General's office spoke about the 4 most prevalent scams;  the IRS scam;  the Grandma scam ; the PSEG scam and the roving contractors scam.  We were reminded  that the IRS will never call you on the telephone. All contact with the taxpayer is in writing.The grandma scam involves a call from an imposter,  claiming to be your distressed grandchild,  who has  been arrested or fallen ill  and of course they need cash, sent immediately  possibly using gift cards, to solve the crisis.

The Attorney General's office is alerting bank employees and retail store cashiers ' to question  senior citizens who are  suddenly withdrawing  large sums of  cash or purchasing large  amounts of gift cards; in order  to thwart any  possibility that the seniors are being tricked into  paying scammers . Grandparents  who receive these cruel  phone calls should always call their children or text  grandchildren to verify their whereabouts. The scammers script tell the grandparent to keep this matter private, so they will not verify information that would expose the scammers.

The PSEG scam diverts your attention  so an accomplice can  enter your house to steal your property. Call the utility's' customer service to see if they have dispatched workers to your house for a real purpose.

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