Commack Community Association

Achieving road repairs; walkable sidewalks;Partnering with the Seven Cents club to  clean Crooked Hill rd.  
 Working to convert the  school owned Marion Carll property on Commack rd. to a community center;
Keeping in touch  with local government officials .
Next meeting  will be  at the Commack Public library on Hauppauge rd at 2pm on December 14,2017
Our guest  speaker will be from the NYS Attorney Gerneral Office.

In November 2014, our guests were  Suffolk County Water authority  representatives  explaining   Suffolk County  water systems.
 The Suffolk CountyWater Authority was established  in 1951. It operates 614 wells and 237 pump stations in Suffolk County.  SCWA has  installed generators so that pumps are always functional during a power failure. Thus no one lost  water flow during Hurricane Sandy.
In the winter only 200 of the 614 pumps are used to provide for the county's water demands. During the summer SCWA must turn on  414 additional wells to supply  water for pools and lawns. Lime is added to the water to make it less acidic. Carbon is added to the water to remove iron . Giant ion filters are used to remove nitrates from the water.
There are 3 aquifers on Long island. Water  from the Upper Glacial aquifer  has filtered down over a 10 year period and is too polluted  to use for drinking water. Commack's 5 wells draw water form the Maghothy Aquifer which holds  cleaner filtered water that is about 100-500 years old. . The Lloyd Aquifer is the deepest aquifer  and the water is thousands of years old thus supplying the purest filtered rainwater. Only  communities  with salt water intrusion into other aquifers, such as Long Beach, are eligible for water from these deepest wells. The Lloyd  aquifer is being held in reserve for Long Islands  future needs.
 How much local expansion will one day create a water crisis?